Peanut Butter Jamm Etiquette, Rules & Tips

Peanut Butter Jamm Etiquette, Rules & Tips

  • Any style dance battle. Show us your best in any of the styles you choose.
  • You will face your opponents when dancing. Your crew can dance together or take turns.
  • or both! Although there will be judges, you should direct your movement towards your opponents as you try to show your crew is best.
  • When it is your turn, step away from your side of the dance floor and start your round.
  • When it is not your turn, you should not be dancing. Show respect & appreciation to your opponents.
  • Each crew/dancer will have the opportunity to dance to the same song, which will be chosen randomly by the DJ. Be prepared to adjust to any song!
  • Each round will allow 6-8 sets of 8 (approx 20-30 seconds). Use the music to help you know when to finish a round. Use all the music you are given. Don’t cut yourself short.
  • You should not touch your opponents during the battle but hugs and congratulations are appropriate after the battle.

Dance Battle Tips

These are the main things judges look for in a battle.

  • Musicality: Always listen to the music. It’s not all about your “moves” it’s about how well you can interpret the song with your movement as well as being on beat. Make your movement fit the music. Be creative & adaptable.
  • Creativity: Be creative with your movement and transitions. Show your best in any style you choose.
  • Take your time: Make sure your round has a beginning, middle, and end. Listen for changes in the music from fast to slow and incorporate that in your dancing.
  • Most importantly be CONFIDENT AND HAVE FUN! If you’re scared or nervous don’t show it. It’s normal to be nervous but the more confident you are in your ability, the easier it will feel.

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