2015 WDFKP Competition Twitter Updates

This year, in an effort to make things easier for everyone, we are going to be tweeting what routine is currently performing in both the gym and the auditorium. For example: g21 would mean routine 21 in the gym or a37 would mean routine 37 in the auditorium. All you have to do is follow WDFKP on Twitter and have the Twitter app on your smartphone. (The app is free and available in most app stores.)

We will have several posters hanging around the school with a QR code that people can use a QR reading app to take them directly to the WDFKP Twitter feed. The sign will also have a simple explanation of tweets. Below is what our sign will look like.

WDFKP Competition Twitter Updates

We will also be posting this on all of our social media accounts and our website. Please share this information with your students and parents.

If you aren’t ‘Tech Savvy’ here are some step-by-step instructions to set up your own Twitter account. In order to see the Twitter feed you’ll need to have your own Twitter account. You’ll want to set up your account before the competition to avoid extra stress at the competition.

  1. Go to twitter.com on your computer
  2. On the bottom right of the page it says: “New to Twitter? Sign up”
  3. Enter your name, email and password
  4. Click the “Sign up for Twitter” button
  5. It will bring you to a new page where you will check your information. Make sure everything is correct, then you can choose a username.
  6. Click “Sign up”
  7. It will then take you through several steps.
  8. Step 1 click “Let’s Go!”
  9. Step 2: select one or more options that you are interested in then click “continue”
  10. Step 3: it shows you several people/businesses to follow on Twitter. Click the “X” on any person you do not want to follow. When finished click the “Follow & continue” button.
  11. Step 4: Customize your profile. You can add a profile picture or skip this step. If you upload a photo click “upload” and follow the steps. When finished click “continue.” If you don’t want to upload a photo, click “skip this step for now.” You can always add a profile picture later.
  12. Step 5: Find People You Know. Click ‘Upload your contacts” button or at the very bottom of the page on the right side you can click “skip this step.”
  13. Step 6: This is where you’d choose from your contacts who you’d like to follow.
  14. If you chose not to find your contacts it will take you to the Twitter home feed page.
  15. Up in the top right corner is a search box. Type in “WDFKP” and click “Will Dance For Kids.”
  16. You’ll be taken to our Twitter page. On the top/middle right you’ll find a button that says “Follow.” Click this button and it will change colors to blue and say “Following.”
  17. Twitter will send a confirmation email to the email account that you provided. Be sure to look through your email and find this message and click the “confirm now” button in the message.

On your smartphone go to the Google Play store or the Apple store and download and install the free Twitter app.

Once installed be sure to sign in.


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