2020 Peanut Butter Jamm

The Will Dance for Kids Project 2020 Peanut Butter Drive is as easy as

1     2     3!

  1. YOU choose the week or day you want to have your peanut butter drive.
  2. Contact Penny and we will make arrangements for the Utah Food Bank to deliver collection barrels and pick them up.
  3. Make it a BIG DEAL!!! Use your social media, emails, signs, etc.

You choose what works best for your Studio Peanut Butter Drive. Create your own or use these ideas:

  1. Hold a Hip Hop masterclass and let your students battle each other… Peanut Butter JAMM style! Collect PB on this day and give a prize to the dancer who collects the most.
  2. If you have a Christmas or Holiday program, have your PB drive that day. Encourage everyone to give as much Peanut Butter as they can.
  3. How about this? Have a Peanut Butter drive by. Have dancers and parents drive by to fill your Utah Food Bank barrels with PB. Dancers can contact businesses, neighbors, family and friends and drive by and pick it up and then drive by your studio to drop it off.
  4. Have a Peanut Butter Challenge with a studio near you. Battle to see which studio can collect the most PB.
  5. Have an online Peanut Butter drive. Purchase as many jars as you can.
    • Check out

Utah Food Bank Info:

  • 1 Barrel holds approx. 200-225 jars of PB
  • You can have 1-5 barrels delivered
  • Utah Food Bank suggests dropping off on Monday or Tuesday and pick up the following Monday or Tuesday
  • If you are having a one day event the Utah Food Bank can drop off and pick up on the same day.

Need posters and social media posts?

Feel free to download these!

Click Here to Download an 8.5 x 11 in PDF Poster

Click on any image to download or click here to download a ZIP file with all of them.

Take pictures, encourage your dancers to get involved and post to your social media. Tag #wdfkp and we’ll share your pictures too!

Together we can dance to make a difference and make sure no child goes to bed hungry!