With this exciting news our Top Sr. Fundraiser will now have the opportunity to choose between Italy, Spain or the United States to use their scholarship. We can now also offer a WDM Scholarship to our Jr Top Fundraiser as they will have a workshop for younger dancers in the U.S.

And to make it even better, we will offer a full Teacher Scholarship to the top fundraising studio! This once in a lifetime type of workshop is a literal “Who’s Who of Dance”. Michele Assaf says there will be fabulous Teacher classes and hopes to see lots of our Utah studios attend. It would be a great summer adventure for all your studio dancers! It doesn’t get much better than WDM and finally it is close enough for everyone to attend!

There is still plenty of time to get the fundraising going strong. Please help us feed hungry kids and win some fabulous dance opportunities! Sell Hearts & Hands tickets for our prize drawing, In Kind donations of Goods & Services are needed and cash Sponsors are always welcomed!

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